Zippo Mini MPL Champagne

The Mini MPL is a refillable candle lighter made by Zippo. It is made of durable metal and easy to use.

The Mini Multi-Purpose Lighter (MPL ) features an advanced soft-touch ignition system, an adjustable flame dial and a patented child-resistant safety button. 

 121188 Mini MPL Champagne

It is ergonomic yet stylish design. It has a patented child-resistant safety button. 

121188 Mini MPL Champagne

 Made by Zippo. You get a 3-year warranty.

121188 Mini MPL Champagne

Model No.121185
Mini MPL Champagne
List Price:$14.95 

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There are four colors. Unfortunately, they may not be available now.

Mini MPL Harvest Bronze

Mini MPL Brushed Chrome

Mini MPL Candy Apple Red

Zippo Mini MPL Champagne


For optimum performance of every Zippo Mini MPL, genuine Zippo Premium Butane fuel is recommended.

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