Zippo Windproof Lighter Collection

Zippo Fleur De Lis

This 1941 replica zippo lighter displays a famous fleur de lis design.


The fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily or iris which is used as a decorative symbol.


The 1941 replica zippo includes a four-barrel hinge, a hollow rivet, less rounded edges and the inside unit has fewer holes in the chimney than current models.


Modern usage of Fleur De Lis features on military badges, coats of arms for universities, logos of many Scouting organizations.



Fleur De Lis Zippo 


Fleur De Lis Zippo


Fleur De Lis Zippo

ASIN: B0074G50IA
Fleur De Lis
(1941 Brushed Chrome)

List Price: $30.95

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